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My name is Christina Stetler and I want to be your York County Prothonotary.
I grew up in a family who served and it comes naturally to me to use my education and experience to make my community a better place. My career in non-profit fundraising began immediately after my college graduation in 1999, and  I have spent the bulk of my career working for non-profit organizations. I have raised more than $1.5 million dollars for charity throughout my career, helping people with cancer and disabilities, fundraising financial aid for college students, and protecting Pennsylvania's historic documents and artifacts. This nearly 20-year career has given me the experience of working with a wide variety of people on boards and committees, as well as event participants, volunteers, and co-workers. I have managed call centers of up to 30 people and presented at national conferences due to my innovative work in fundraising.
I spent three years learning to process and preserve public records at the Pennsylvania State Archives. I have worked with millions of birth and death records, processing them through Archives processes and updated procedures as necessary through public use. I am keenly aware of how important these documents are to the citizens of Pennsylvania, as I have assisted them in their research. I have the background and connections to continue to keep York County's records available for generations to come.
I grew up in southern New Jersey with a career military father and a social worker mother. I met my husband, Brian, in college and we have been happily married for over 17 years. We live in Newberry Township, in northeastern York County, with our four cats (Domovoi, Strax, Victoria, and Prudence).
As for my hobbies, I am an avid reader and love history. I have had my research on the 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Philadelphia published in Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies, which lead to presenting my research to GlaxoSmithKline in Philadelphia. I am also an average runner with 14 half marathons to my credit. 

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