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Why I Am Running
I believe York County citizens deserve to have a choice in who represents them. Since 2003, no Democrat has run for Prothonotary in York County. As a community, we are better represented when we have choices. My education and experience make me the ideal candidate. I know York County deserves to be represented by someone who recognizes the importance of the work being done by the Prothonotary's office and vows to work hard to make sure the office is effective and efficient, while excelling at working with the people of our community to service their needs in the civil courts.
The Prothonotary is the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas Civil Division, who is responsible for all civil litigation filed with the office. Examples of civil litigation filed include: unpaid debt complaints, malpractice actions, mortgage foreclosures, personal injury cases, equity actions, replevin, district justice civil judgement appeals, administrative agency appeals, actions in ejectment, condemnation proceedings, family court matters, such as divorce, child custody and protection from abuse cases. Liens against real estate and personal property are also part of the records kept. Records date back to 1759. (
I believe York County needs an experienced individual to be Prothonotary; a tenured professional who has worked with official government records and knows how to protect them. York County deserves a Prothonotary who can use their background in non-profit management to work with a diverse group of people to move the county forward. York County should have a Prothonotary who believes working with the court system should be made as easy as possible for York county citizens.
York County residents deserve someone who cares deeply about them and wants to make working with the local government efficient and transparent for both county residents and legal professionals.
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